deko FireSafe® Acoustic Elements

• Nice acoustics
• Enhancing Room Acoustics
• Creating Room Atmospheres
• Designing a Peaceful Atmosphere

Solution – Innovation – Quality

Acoustically “hard” materials such as concrete, glass or smooth plastics are frequently used in offices and public places, but also in living spaces.

Strong acoustic reflections may cause poor room acoustics for different reasons.  The noise level and time of reverberation have a major impact on the acoustic quality inside a room.  Rooms with poor acoustics are the result.  Headache and lack of concentration are often the consequence.

Functionality and design play an equally important role in the search for a solution.  An attractive appearance teamed with a high degree of efficiency offers the perfect solution for companies, schools, kindergartens and other public institutions – wherever fire protection, living climate as well as acoustic noise and sound have an influence on safety, well-being and concentration.

To some extent, deko FireSafe® acoustic elements act as an absorber by damping sound waves or converting them into a different form of energy. Or they have a noise-reducing or shielding effect when used, for instance, in partition systems.


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