„DEKODUR advertises their latest type of high-pressure laminate as “vegan”.  Manufactured without any products based on crude oil, it only contains sustainable, i.e. renewable, raw materials.  Usually, the term “vegan” is associated with a special way of life and particular eating habits:  vegans abstain from all foodstuffs of animal origin.  That laminates, too, can be vegan is demonstrated by DEKODUR'S latest development.  
The high pressure laminates are made of bagasse, a by-product generated during the processing of sugarcane.  The fibrous matter that remains is recycled into an organic resin that is used for impregnating core papers when producing high-pressure laminates.  The characteristics of these panels are identical to those of standard HPL.“

dds-Magazin für Möbel und Ausbau No.1/2018

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