dekopin – writable and magnetic laminates

Organizing spaces with functionalities for all kind of ideas


The dekopin product range consists of writable and magnetic decorative high-pressure laminates (HPL) for use in all spaces of interior design. Nearly all options of plain colours as well as a variety of scratch resistant aluminium decors can be selected as decorative and/or beamer friendly surfaces.

• Innovative writable and magnetic High-Pressure Laminates (HPL)
• High gloss and super-matt surfaces in all kinds of colours - also with genuine metal surfaces
• Suitable for projection (beamer friendly)
• Write, draw and doodle without any limits
• Easy handling and processing


Surface: FUS (Fusion)

Properties: super matt, anti-fingerprint, abrasion (class 3)

Purpose: For school chalk and liquid chalk

Cleaning: Dry or damp with a melamine sponge or microfiber cloth

Further combinations with all kinds of colours and surfaces are available.


eco-hplAll dekopin surfaces can be delivered with a dekodur ECO-core. CO2-neutral and free of formaldehyde as well as phenolic resin. A further step into the future supporting nature and resources and make places of interactions even a better and healthier place.


Please ask for samples and let your ideas become reality. DEKODUR’s dekopin product range offers
all you need for all kinds of your “magnetic” ideas.     


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