ECO-HPL at the Green Product Award & Green Concept Award 2020

ECO-HPL by DI Dekodur International at the Green Product Award
& Green Concept Award 2020

Under the motto:
The winners of the Green Product Award and the Green Concept Award 2020 could be honoured on 11.03.2020.1463 participants from 51 countries and 6 continents presented their ideas and products, concepts and materials for creating a more sustainable future.

An international jury of 15 judges* from the fields of design, innovation and sustainability evaluated the Green Selection 2020 and selected the winners*.

The awards not only stand for exceptional achievements, but are intended to achieve far more. Nils Bader, initiator of the awards: "With the awards we present existing, future and of course sustainable alternatives and network the players. With the exhibition and the talks we want to surprise and show what is already possible. Nobody should leave the way he or she came - but in future plan, design and ultimately consume with a different perspective".

The format of the Green Product Award provides enough examples of what is already possible today and will continue to move the green scene in the future:
Winner in the bathroom category:
ObjektB with PAVIMI - in which ECO-HPL from DI Dekodur International was used.


>> ECO-HPL CO2-neutral HPL, formaldehyde and phenol free


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