German Innovation Award 2024

Recognised for an "outstanding innovative achievement"


We are thrilled and filled with pride!

Our Coffee Composite Board (CCB) is a German Innovation Award 2024 Winner, having been awarded the label of "Excellence in Business to Business: Materials & Surfaces".

This award honours an innovation in the form of a unique raw and construction material made from coffee grounds that permanently stores CO2, thus protecting both the environment and our forests. This novel construction material is regarded as exceptional in terms of environmental protection and nature conservation. Thanks to the variety of decorative finishes on offer, the innovative panels have the potential to make a sustainable mark on the interior design, shop fitting, exhibition stand construction and furniture manufacturing sectors, offering a host of applications.


What sets the Coffee Composite Board apart is the fact that it is made using a waste product created during industrial coffee production. The board consists of 85% to 90% coffee grounds, combined with a thermoplastic binder. Coffee grounds are therefore effectively transformed into a durable all-round material for interior design, shop fitting and furniture manufacturing that can help to significantly improve the carbon footprint of buildings and furniture right from the outset. Even in a visual sense, the Coffee Composite Board is in no way inferior to other substrate materials, as it can be coated with all the decorative and practical ECO high-pressure laminates (DIN 438 HPL) that Dekodur has been developing for its customers for many years. Moreover, it is even available in a flame-retardant version (DIN EN 13501-1) on request.

The novel character of the material is not the only innovative aspect – the panels made from coffee grounds are recyclable and can be fed back into the production cycle at any time. This material therefore outperforms all other construction materials with regard to environmental impact, as up to two tons of CO2 are permanently stored by only about 30 m2 of the Coffee Composite Board.

The innovative Coffee Composite Board was developed in collaboration with SUS Materials GmbH & Co KG., Heidelberg, and with the support of BASF SE. This product embodies Dekodur's ongoing commitment to developing inspired innovations that invariably make a splash. In 2020, the medium-sized company from southern Hesse in Germany received the raumPROBE material award in the "process" category for deko FireSafe®, before being presented with the "Top 100 Innovator 2021" award the following year. The Coffee Composite Board had previously been awarded the raumPROBE material award in 2022, and in January 2024, Dekodur received the German Design Award for this very board. Dekodur has therefore demonstrated that intelligent products can meet the highest sustainability and aesthetic standards.

The German Innovation-Award is presented by the German Design Council. With this award, the foundation recognises cutting-edge, pioneering achievements that bring about lasting improvements to the lives of a wide variety of target groups and illustrate where innovations can take us…




German Innovation Award 2024
> German Innovation Award 2024



Coffee Composite Board
> Coffee Composite Board
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Award German Design Award 2024
> German Design Award 2024

raumPROBE Material Award 2022
> 2022 Material Award by raumPROBE

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