HPML (High pressure metal laminate)

Look Book 2020

HPML (High pressure metal laminate) manufactured by DI dekodur®international.
Everything else is just laminate!

Nowadays, top-quality high-pressure laminates (HPL) are more than just a durable product for everyday use.  We are committed to developing this design standard on an ongoing basis, something that our unique metal surfaces have been demonstrating for more than 60 years.
At our laminate factory in Hirschhorn, we focus on our specialties: the creation of top-of-the-line high-pressure laminates with genuine metal surfaces finished with both delicately and very deeply embossed patterns.
From the décor and surface design to waste optimisation to finished composite elements and direct lamination, we offer you all manufacturing steps from a single source.  Our experienced team as well as state-of-the-art techniques and sophisticated logistics are at your disposal for the implementation of unusual design ideas.
Welcome to the realm of design possibilities with HPL.
Be inspired by our new 2020 Look Book.


>> Download Look Book 2020 (PDF 28,3 MB)


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