More than just a pin board!

Magnetic HPL


A note quickly pinned to the wall in plain sight. Perhaps along with an individual message…If your conference room is all that comes to your mind right now, you are limiting your thoughts. Let them fly instead!
Magnetic boards that may or may not be used as a whiteboard are ideal wherever communication is called for. Or a reminder. Or creativity. And as soon as they merge functionality with design, they become an integral part of interior design concepts. Available in both laminate and HPL versions, Dekodur magnetic boards can also offer fire protection when used as a composite element.

Available in the designs featured in the DEKODUR collection, Dekodur magnetic boards come in plain colours, wooden and stone finishes, fantasy décors and a few selected, mostly scratch-resistant aluminium décors. The perfect fusion of functionality and design.

Equipped with a thin, magnetic iron inlay, dekopin magnetic boards create a special kind of attraction: extremely strong adhesion teamed with the high quality standards offered by HPL.




Durable surfaces

 This wide range of application possibilities will let your imagination run wild.  Soon you will picture our magnetic boards at home, in the office, at schools and universities, in restaurants and so on.  And the application possibilities do not stop here, as the highly durable surfaces can also be written on with chalk or board markers. 

Depending on their colour or surface texture, Dekodur magnetic boards also come in handy whenever you need a screen for projectors.  In a nutshell: dekopin magnetic boards, no matter the décor they come in, are stable to light, resistant to abrasion, cleaning and graffiti, safe for use with food, magnetic and - upon request - flame retardant and even “non-combustible when used as a composite element”. 


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