Success at the TOP 100 innovation competition

Success at the TOP 100 innovation competition: Ranga Yogeshwar acknowledges DI Dekodur

Überlingen - Today, Ranga Yogeshwar sent a personal video message to DI Dekodur GmbH & Co. KG, congratulating the company from Hirschhorn on its success at the TOP 100 innovation competition. During a joint online conference, which was held this Friday on the occasion of the TOP 100 finals which had originally been planned as a live event, the science journalist, who mentored the 28th anniversary of the contest, furthermore acknowledged the achievements of the other participating companies.

As regards the scientific selection process for size B companies (51 to 200 employees), DI Dekodur excelled in the “Innovative Processes and Organisation” and “Innovation Climate” categories.



Top100 Preisverleihung

An excerpt from the TOP 100 company portrait published on the occasion of the award ceremony outlines the following:

Once a simple sawmill, DI Dekodur has evolved into one of the world's leading specialists in the area of high pressure laminate (HPL) for interior design applications. Thanks to a consequent focus on innovation, intense market observation and a lively climate for inventions, the company offers architects and other customers a wide range of metal surfaces with artists' motifs, magnetic, mirror & anti-slip finishes, CO2-neutral properties and many other characteristics.

It is thanks to the fact that the company has been scanning the market since 1846 that it is able to quickly respond to changing customer requirements. With the invention of a non-combustible laminate, the team is now able to cater for an important niche market. 'Thanks to this product, we could access a whole new market in the field of dry construction. What is more, we are now able to offer preventive fire protection as a complete system,' explains managing director Rolf van den Berg. While this innovation is already patented in Germany, Australia, Canada and the USA, further patent applications are pending throughout Europe and Asia.

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