Copper has an antiviral and antibacterial effect

Copper has an antiviral and antibacterial effect

What is most important when it comes to surfaces that are touched by hundreds of people every day? The look? The handfeel? The rigidity? Or could it also be the effective protection against germs and microorganisms? *Dekotech CU 711 makes surfaces antimicrobial and thus protects against germs, bacteria and viruses still allowing the surface its own aesthetics.

With *dekotech CU711 you features:

  • A livetime germicidal surface
  • Demonstrably more than 99.98% germs, bacteria &viruses are being killed within 1 to 4 hours
  • Permanently effective protection right from the start
  • Healthy indoor air, free from environmental toxinsand pollutants with DEKODUR 100% formaldehyde-free ECO core (0,005ppm in 72 hours / 0,005ppm in 168 hours according to DIN EN 16516 01/2018)
  • Inexpensive protection against infections - tested by independent laboratories. Research confirms that copper surfaces like dekotech CU 711 antiviral HPL protects most effectively against germs.

The high effectiveness has been proven in screening tests:
DIN ISO 21702: 2019
RKI Richtlinie 1995

dekotech CU 711 is available in the following formats:
2440 x 1220 mm
3050 x 1220 mm
Thickness: 0,8 mm


Over time, the copper surface changes its appearance. The metallic copper develops a matt dark brown protective layer through reaction with the ambient air (carbon dioxide and oxygen). This living surface is characteristic of natural copper and is completely harmless to health. The germicidal effect is permanently retained.

*no decorative requirement. Technical surface may change.


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>> HPL with real metal surface: Copper HPML (High Pressure Metal Laminate)



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