Decorative and preventive fire protection with dekoFireSafe®

Decorative and preventive fire protection with dekoFireSafe®
Unique in the world!g!


With its patented, non-combustible composite laminate classified according to building material class EN 13501-1/A2 a1 d0, dekodur makes it possible to implement individual, design-oriented room concepts that also comprise fire protection and acoustic solutions.  dekoFireSafe® is used worldwide.  The range of application includes, amongst other things:

  • wall and ceiling cladding
  • escape routes
  • improvement of the acoustics at fairs, in concert halls, at airports
  • furniture manufacturing
  • shipbuilding

dekoFireSafe® composite laminate is tested and classified according to the national and international requirements of building material class A. A high pressure laminatedekoFireSafe® is also available with A1 rated carrier boards from numerous manufacturers. It comes in more than 200 décor variants in different dimensions and thicknesses. Thus, it can be used as a complete solution that meets the highest indoor fire protection requirements. In 2020, the world's first, non-combustible magnetic board suitable for writing on was created in this product group. As of now, dekodur also supplies decorative, non-combustible aluminium composite laminates with an A1 rating - the highest building material class according to EN 13501-1.

With dekoFireSafe®, dekodur guarantees uniform decorative designs for the A (non-combustible), B (hardly combustible) and D (normal combustibility) building material classes.  Thanks to continuous development, we succeeded in creating a novel and worldwide unrivalled decorative aluminium composite laminate available in a wide range of decors and certified as “non-combustible” class A building material according to EN 13501-1.
In order to contribute to the protection of the environment,

dekoFireSafe® products are 100% recyclable and made exclusively of eco-friendly, non-toxic and solvent-free components.  Thus, dekoFireSafe® also creates healthy indoor air quality.  dekoFireSafe® composite laminate is also suitable for acoustic room designs: with proven effectiveness once the laminates have been appropriately finished with perforations, grooves and slots.


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