2022 Material Award by raumPROBE

2022 Material Award by raumPROBE


On 22 June 2022, the time had finally come:  The highly anticipated award ceremony for the 2022 Material Award took place in a festive setting in the Stuttgart premises of raumPROBE.  That day was quite special, as both the 2022 Material Award and raumPROBE's 17th anniversary were celebrated.

Companies from the industrial, craft, material production and material development sectors had until 20 April 2022 to submit their innovations and apply for the sought-after award.  An expert jury awarded prizes in the audience voting, design, innovation, classics, collection, ecology, processes and study categories.

We are very pleased that we could score in the audience voting category with our Coffee Composite Board.  Coffee Composite Board is a CO2-neutral, recyclable material made from coffee grounds and used as a substitute for wood in furniture, floors, wall claddings and ceiling panelling.  Instead of “producing - using - throwing away”, it is all about creating production circuits that produce as few losses as possible.  Coffee silver skin is a by-product of the coffee roasting industry.  A fibrous layer with a woody structure covering the coffee seed in the coffee fruit, it is detached during the roasting process.  At Dekodur International, this material gets a perfect, formaldehyde-free HPL surface with unique properties and structures.  The result: an eco-friendly composite element for a wide range of processing options.  Coffee grounds are used to create furniture, wall claddings and ceiling panelling that store CO2 for a long period of time.

We would like to take this opportunity and also thank our partners - ecobrain AG and BASF AG - for their delightful cooperation.

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