ECO HPLby dekodur

The world’s first
CO2-neutral laminate.

ECO-HPL - the world’s first CO2-neutral laminate, free from formaldehyde and phenol.
DEKODUR developes for the future:

  • eco-friendly
  • conserving resources
  • recyclable
Foto CO2-neutral laminate
Green laminate Illu

ECO-HPL - green laminate

Both our environment and the question of sustainability are very important to us, and as such DEKODUR has been insisting for a long time on using natural and renewable resources to produce our high pressure laminates. We are now proud to present an ecologically valuable alternative to commonly used HPL laminates: Analyzed and certified by the development and test lab for wood technology in Dresden, we are offering the world‘s first C0₂ neutral high pressure laminate free of formaldehyde and phenols and thus far below the limit and guideline values of the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance, the Federal Environment Agency, the WHO and the German Ecolabel Blue Angel.

These high pressure laminate boards have a formaldehyde emission of < 0.002 PPM acc to EN DIN 16516.

Their core is made from 100% biological secondary components obtained from renewable resources. Compared with traditional HPL manufacturing, we are now able to significantly contribute to reducing C0₂ emissions and protecting the climate.

DEKODUR develops for the future: eco-friendly - conserving resources -recyclable