DI Dekodur International to take over the insolvent Dekodur company

Joint press release published by attorney Henrik Schmoll, insolvency administrator
of Dekodur GmbH & Co. KG, and Sagacious Beteiligungs GmbH


• High pressure laminate manufacturer Dekodur from Hirschhorn had filed for insolvency in December 2018.

• Insolvency administrator Henrik Schmoll, partner of the Wellensiek law firm, has been continuing the business operations ever since.  He also initiated the investor process. With the takeover, he can secure all jobs.

• With the aim of restoring the company's success in the long run, Rolf van den Berg, executive partner of the newly founded DI Dekodur, primarily wants to reinforce the company's international sales and make the production processes more effective.


Hirschhorn/Heidelberg, 2 May 2019.    The material assets of the insolvent company Dekodur GmbH & Co KG from Hirschhorn near Heidelberg are taken over by private investor Rolf van den Berg and Sagacious Beteiligungs GmbH, an investment company based in Langen (Hesse).  With the newly founded DI Dekodur International GmbH & Co KG based in Hirschhorn, they continue the business operations along with Dekodur's former 65 employees.  Rolf van den Berg holds 70 and Sagacious 30 percent in the new company.  A purchase agreement was signed by attorney Henrik Schmoll, insolvency administrator of Dekodur, and the persons responsible.  Both parties have agreed not to disclose the purchase price.

'In these two partners, we have found investors who will give both the company and the Dekodur employees good prospects for the future,' says insolvency administrator Schmoll, partner of the Wellensiek law firm.  Following intensive negotiations between the different parties involved, he had continued the insolvent company's business operations over the past months.  Shortly after the insolvency filing in December 2018, he had started a systematic investor process.  According to Schmoll, the success was primarily owed to the fact that Dekodur's employees, customers and suppliers, the members of the committee of creditors and the persons responsible at Sparkasse Neckartal-Odenwald had closely and very constructively accompanied both the continuation of the business and the successful takeover.  ‘I would like to extend my thanks to all parties involved,' comments Schmoll on the successful result.

'We are convinced by Dekodur's market potentials and will continue to develop the company in a sustainable way,' says Rolf van den Berg, executive partner of the newly founded DI Dekodur International.  Two major measures announced by van den Berg include the global reinforcement of the sales activities and the optimisation of the production processes.  According to him, Dekodur was an outstanding company with a strong brand, convincing and innovative products and committed employees.  'Which is why we are pleased that, with the support of our attorney and tax adviser Frank Lemberger from Hirschhorn, we have asserted ourselves in the investor process ', says van den Berg.


About Dekodur
Having its origins in a sawmill and veneer factory that had existed in Hirschhorn am Neckar since 1846, Dekodur was founded in 1959 and is one of Germany's most innovative companies when it comes to the development, manufacture and sales of decorative high pressure laminate.  Made from a wide variety of materials, Dekodur's HPL is used in private living spaces, such as kitchens, and in the commercial area, e.g. for the design of surfaces.  Most recently, the company generated annual sales of around 12 million euro.

About Sagacious
Managed by executive partner Dr. Frank Jürgen Weise, Sagacious GmbH is an investment company based in Langen.


Press contact (company)
DI Dekodur International GmbH & Co KG 69434 Hirschhorn am Neckar
Mail: Mobil: 0172 6120491

Press contact (insolvency administrator)
Holger Voskuhl, rw konzept GmbH Kommunikationsberatung, Bonner Straße 178, 50968 Köln
Mail: Mobil: 0170-2101523


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