Fineline HSM - real metal decors

Real metal decors with an innovative surface
- Fineline HSM

supermatt – highly resistant – horizontally+vertically applicable

Key Features:

1. Extremely matt surface:
The Dekodur Fineline HSM range impresses with an extremely matt surface for a modern and elegant appearance.

2. Soft Touch:
The comfortable soft touch feeling conveys a high-quality feel and improves the user experience.

3. Anti-fingerprint:
Thanks to the anti-fingerprint technology, the surfaces always remain spotless and clean.

4. Highly Abrasion Resistant:
Our laminate range features exceptional abrasion resistance which ensures its longevity and robustness.

5. Extremely scratch-resistant:
With a scratch resistance of over 3 Newtons, the surfaces withstand even the toughest demands. EN438-class2

6. Versatile:
The Dekodur HSM fineline range can be used both horizontally and vertically, making it perfect for a variety of applications.

7. High Traffic Areas:
This laminate range is ideal for high traffic areas such as public buildings, hotels, restaurants, offices or shopping malls.

8. Sustainable ECO Format:
Our new innovative Fineline laminates can be supplied as well as the entire range, formaldehyde and phenol free, making it an
eco-friendly choice.

9. Fire protection:
Available as a non-combustible version according to DIN EN 13501-1, classification A2 s1 d0.

10. Food touch allowance conformity.


Products shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual colours of the laminate and appearance may vary.
Please ask for samples to see the actual laminate.

4 new real metal decors with an innovative surface

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