German Design Award 2024

Ecological Material Manufactured by DI Dekodur International Wins the 2024 German Design Award


Coffee Composite Board: A raw and construction material made of coffee grounds that permanently stores CO2, thus protecting both our environment and our forests? Offered by DI Dekodur International in a wide range of décors for the interior design, shop fitting, exhibition stand construction and furniture manufacturing sectors, this sustainable construction material is considered unique when it comes to environmental and nature protection. DI Dekodur International's Coffee Composite Board has now been honoured with the 2024 German Design Award in the “Excellent Product Design - Material and Surfaces” category.

'Every day, the high coffee consumption in our society causes massive amounts of coffee waste.  By utilising this waste product for the manufacture of its innovative “CCB” material, DI Dekodur protects a valuable resource, namely wood,' explained the jury of the 2024 German Design Award their decision to select the Coffee Composite Board as the winner of the award.

With its Coffee Composite Board, DI Dekodur International (Hirschhorn) makes a leading-edge contribution to climate protection. Consisting of 85 to 90% coffee grounds combined with a thermoplastic binder, the new construction material receives its special look thanks to coatings with ecological Dekodur high pressure laminates (DIN 438 HPL) featuring artistic effects and decorative motifs.  These features turn the Coffee Composite Board into a durable, aesthetic and ZERO-EMISSION composite element for ceiling and wall claddings as well as for use in the furniture production industry.

The ecological effect of this material is second to none: As few as 30 m2 of this construction material are able to permanently store up to two tonnes of CO2. Another advantage is that, at the end of its useful life, the ecological material can always be fed back into production.  A substitute for wood, the material is able to improve the carbon footprint whilst also helping protect our forests.  

'Carbon neutrality is not enough! We strive for more.'

The Coffee Composite Board was developed in cooperation with SUS Sustainability Solutions GmbH (Heidelberg) and with the assistance of BASF SE. When it comes to climate targets, however, 'Carbon neutrality is not enough,' believes Rolf van den Berg, CEO of DI Dekodur International.  'We strive for more.  For the long-term binding of CO2 and the protection of our forests.  We pride ourselves on the fact that our Coffee Composite Board has been nominated for the 2024 German Design Award.'  
Setting international standards for innovative design developments and competitiveness on a global market, the German Design Award is conferred by an international jury and dedicated to designs and developments that “respond to the challenges of our time”. The decision on the award winner will be made at the beginning of February 2024.



Coffee Composite Board
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Award German Design Award 2024
> German Design Award 2024

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