Hair salon interior decoration with copper boards (HPL) designed by artists

The ARAS BAR has been expanded by a hair salon


Last summer, we covered the opening of the ARAS BAR in Eppingen.
The family Saloua and Johann Aras have now expanded their ARAS BAR by a hair salon, the interior of which has been impressively decorated with HPL from the dekoart unique art series.  They went for the CA 30 décor, each and every board of which has been individually manufactured by artists. Copper surfaces from the dekoart unique art series create beautifully elegant interiors. Natural finishing processes make it possible for our international artists to decorate the copper boards with a patina of delicate structures and dynamic shapes.  The result: individual ideas are turned into reality.  Each motif from this series is one of a kind.
We congratulate the Aras family on their salon's successful and elegant interior decoration.


>> HPL con superficie de metal genuino: cobre HPL (dekorial antique)



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