Barrera De Vapor De Aluminio (HPL)


Barrera de vapory
de aluminio (HPL)

Elementos de estructura multicapa dekospan

DEKODUR Aluminium Vapour Barrier is a 1.2 mm thick laminate sanded on both sides. Its central layer is made of aluminium and has a thickness of 400μ (0.4mm). The individual components‘ specific configuration makes DEKODUR Aluminium Vapour Barrier impervious to vapour and diffusion.

DEKODUR Aluminium Vapour Barrier meets the requirements of DIN EN 1121 - climate category III as well as the European requirements of EN 1530 - Class 2d. DEKODUR AluminiumVapour Barrier is thus ideal for use in doors and fitting between wooden materials which are tobe veneered, painted or foil-coated.

Not only does DEKODUR Aluminium Vapour Barrier protect against vapour diffusion, but it offers good dimensional and geometrical stability. When used in combination with wooden materials, DEKODUR Aluminium Vapour Barrier can be processed using commercially availableclass D3/4 or D4/1 polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) dispersions. Using contact, hot-melt or construction adhesive systems, our vapour barrier may also be used as a decorative layer on top of decorative laminates (HPL), aluminium or stainless steel.


> Aluminium Vapour Barrier technical datasheet (PDF)